“Jayne thinks on the cutting edge of strategy, conversion rate optimization, growth hacking and content creation. Jayne makes the impossible possible and can turn things around quickly to boot! One of the best technologists I've worked with - ever”


"From ideation and brainstorming through to development, her innovative nature helps to carve new paths in any business projects or startups. Highly recommend!"


Meet our Team

Real-time sales flip-books are more than one man can handle, no matter how many digits of Pi I can remember. That’s three, by the way. That’s why my team is teeming with talent:

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Real World Example

We Already Did That Thing That You Want Us to Do

Startled? Don’t be. 

We can see it in your eyes. That project that you’d like to bring us on for? 

Coincidentally, we’ve already done exactly that kind of work in the past. Multiple times, in fact. Some people call it a “profession”. 

We call it destiny.

“What's in the box? What's in the box!?”

Oli Gardner

Honorable mention for immortalizing me in the annals of landing page templates.

John Smith

John and his unnervingly generic name have been adding value to my team since 1998.

Jane Smith

Jane is … wait, Jane Smith? Are you guys siblings? Are your parents the most boring people on Earth?

Joe Smith

OK, let’s get real. I want copies of all of your birth certificates on my desk by EOD.

A Very Small Hedgehog

Questionable work ethic, but has made immeasurably positive contributions to office morale.

The Dark Spirits

Don’t ask them questions.

we help creative businesses scale with ease

.  AGENCY  .

Build your next campaign to a crescendo 

Tech Tonic Studio

Make growth easy

We help startups automate and scale with ease

"Lauren Currie OBE for president. For championing the power of women. And for always speaking with the utmost heart."

Payal Wadhwa

Head of Innovation, Strategy and Design at Frog

“Lauren is one of the most inspiring people I’ve worked with. She has a ton to share in a manner that makes you want to learn it. Sign up. Join. Be there if you can.”.

Ewan McIntosh

Founder of NoTosh

"Lauren is the queen of lifting women up. Watch and learn."

Chief Experience Officer EY EMEIA & CEO Doberman Nordics

Lisa Lindstrom

"She's brave. Every time. Lauren's gift is making people feel brave."

Kaylin Aarts

Leadership Coach

Tech Tonic Studio

“Jayne thinks on the cutting edge of strategy, conversion rate optimization, growth hacking and content creation. One of the best technologists I've worked with - ever.”

Liana Fricker • CEO, Inspiration Space

I lose count of the amount of times Jayne has saved the day, and has solved problems swiftly. Watch this space tech world, Jayne is here.

Chris Watson • COO, UPFRONT

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Play the Didgeridoo

Wommmmm womwomwomwomwomwommmm
 mmmmmmmmmmm oooooooooo wommmmmmmmmm.

Pump Up Your Copy

Does your copy read a little limp? Are you excited and compelled by the energy flowing through these words? Yeah? Hell yeah!
 Let’s pump it up!

Recite Pi to Two Decimal Places


Yeah, You’re Interested? We Can Also:

1. Align your synergies in order to cultivate holistic marketing campaigns and elevate #brand engagement via targeted nurturing … or something.

2. Make flip-book versions of your real-time sales dashboards. In real-time.

3. Form pacts with the dark spirits. For purposes of lead generation only.

How I get sector-beating conversion rates every time...


Hi, I'm Jayne.

Here’s the brutal truth about scaling your business:

Nobody will just magically find you and care about your work because you publish your website.

You actually have to stand out... which is hard, because the world is oversaturated with small businesses.

And we, as entrepreneurs have busy lives just like everyone else...

So we have less time to make better websites... sites that matter. 

Some people create tons of blog posts and it's a game of numbers... they think, "If I just make enough of them, then at least one is bound to be perfect."

Some people practice, practice, practice until they become adept at updating their website.

Both strategies can work, but I find that they don't solve the problem of time. There's never enough of it, and it's hard to keep up, let alone get ahead and make a solid living off of your business...

So what's the alternative?

You need to be more efficient... and avoid being busy, with no gain. Create business assets that are professional quality every time, and that stand out! 

Yes! Send Me The Cheat Sheet Now!

I will show you exactly how to find the low-hanging fruit on your website, and make your site work harder for your business.

If you're serious about generating leads for your business that matter and saving time in the process... to make your life so much easier! 

Ready to level-up your conversions?

You can continue to:

  • Spray and Pray
  • Dilute your brand identity
  • Wish something would change
  • Defer to someone else to decide for you
  • Work harder and harder, diminishing your light & putting you on the road to burnout


I can teach you how to make your website work harder with simple techniques I learned after years and years of practice...

we help creative businesses scale with ease


How techy do you need to be?

I PROMISE you, this guide is for entrepreneurs who know NOTHING about tech.

How can I work with you?

Thank you, I'm flattered! You can work with me in more depth by

booking my services here
Does my company need to have a minimum turnover?

No, we can work with clients on a one-session basis or on a monthly retainer.

Can I do this online?

Yes, all of our services and our teaching is 100% remote and online.

I'd love to re-train into tech like you did Jayne. How do I start?

Awesome! I recommend checking out

Free Code Camp